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Business Management Solution that is simple, powerful, and easy to use. Forget bloated, overly complicated software and test all of our features for 30 days.

  • Manage your business from anywhere in the world.
  • Online messaging system.
  • Manage clients and employees.
  • Manage your business from any device.
  • FREE plan available.


Keep an eye on your business

Reports are important to analyze what's working and what's not for your business. Business reports facilitate the analysis and assessment of your core business. The right software and reports can help you identify problems and successes so that these problems can be fixed or results can be encouraged. They don't only show you that you are achieving your goals. You can strategically plan for the future with this information.

  • Finance report: This shows how much your business has earned and how much you have spent.
  • Task report: Track completed vs pending tasks, see who the tasks and projects are assigned to, when it's due, etc.
  • Time log report: Keep track of employee time spent by tasks.
  • Leave report lets you know employees approved, pending, and upcoming leaves.
  • Attendance report shows employee present, absent, hours clocked, days late, and half days.

Manage your support tickets efficiently

Whether someone's equipment is not working, someone is facing an issue, or needs something regarding their work they can raise a ticket for all their problems. Basically, it's your own Help desk ticketing system where employees and clients can create support tickets.

  • Admin can assign the tickets to respective department agents.
  • Assign agents and groups.
  • Track and manage tickets, apply filters.
  • Create reply templates, channels (phone, social media accounts, email, etc.)
  • Export to Excel or CSV.


Meet Your Business Needs

Manage your projects and your employees in a single system, resulting in empowered teams, satisfied clients, and increased profitability.

  • Keep track of all your projects in the most simple way.
  • Add employees to your projects and keep them in sync with the progress.
  • Assign tasks to project employees and track their status.

Take a look at some of our features:

Poor communication and inefficiencies in your business can result in reduced productivity and poor customer service and even lead to employee turnover.


Our Web App is responsive, it works on any device: desktop, tablet or mobile.

FREE plan available

There's a plan for everyone, even a free plan, yes it's free, forever.


Manage customers, leads, invoices, proposals/estimates. We provide a separate dashboard to your clients where they can track their project status, pending payments. Furthermore, clients can update the staff regarding additional work right from the dashboard.


Create contracts with clients including e-signatures.


Add your company’s employees. As an admin, you can designate a task to employees. Employees can track their work with pending assignments, total hours worked. Additionally, employees can manage their attendance detail on the inbuilt calendar, even apply for leaves.


Create projects, add project members, and track the project progress, expenses, earnings, time logs, tasks, milestones.


Kanban task board to visualize work and tasks.

Gantt chart

Gantt chart to plan the project schedule.

Credit notes

Convert the invoices to credit notes which can be redeemed.


Create products that can be used in invoices and can be purchased by clients.

Ticketing System

Tickets can be raised by employees and clients. These tickets are assigned to ticket agents to get them resolved.


Messages for internal chats. Our App lets you chat with your employees, clients.


Various reports for tasks, time logs, finance, attendance, leaves.

Custom Roles

Create custom roles with custom permissions for employees.

Receive payments Online

Receive payments via PayPal, and Stripe gateways.


Let all your clients or employees know about important announcements or news.


Create events or meetings in your calendar and invite clients or employees.

Managing Business Has Never Been This Easy.

Try all of our features FREE for 30 days; after that, your account will be automatically moved to our free plan, which you can continue using forever, or you can pick one of our other plans that suit your needs.